Samsung Galaxy Fold US launch happening this month

So when exactly will the Samsung Galaxy Fold roll out? We’ve been saying a September release is going to happen but no date has been provided yet until today. Sources are saying the new foldable phone will be available on September 27, at least, in the United States. There is no confirmation yet so we’re taking things with a pinch of salt. We’re doing so especially since this is the Galaxy Fold we’re talking about. Samsung’s first foldable phone launch was disappointing but the South Korean tech giant has a chance to make up for the delay.

The September launch is sure. We just need the date and we’re now looking at September 27. It will be anytime after South Korea. Pre-registrations have actually started for the second time in the US and China.

In the United States, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be sold by AT&T. T-Mobile will no longer sell the foldable phone for many reasons. We’re not sure about Best Buy though. In South Korea, a September 6 relaunch may happen so let’s wait and see.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been a controversial product. It won’t be the only Galaxy Fold. A Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has surfaced. We’ve been saying the launch is imminent as the phone passed a final round of tests. A unit was also once spotted in India.

The redesign is almost done. The Galaxy Fold is ready. We’re curious about the hinge improvement and screen fix. We learned a lot during that teardown and as soon as Samsung postponed the launch to fix issues.

Hopefully, Samsung is more than ready with the new Galaxy Fold. We don’t want to hear displays breaking.  The high price tag will still remain.

We have everything we need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We just want one more thing: a successful relaunch this time.

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