Samsung Galaxy Fold: Here’s how to care for your foldable phone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been out in South Korea for over two weeks now and so far, so good. We haven’t heard any bad news yet and we don’t want to hear any. Samsung, Google, and developers are working together to improve on the foldable experience and we’re excited about the future now that the problem of displays breaking is out of the way. There is still no word when is the official market release is happening in the US but it will happen.

Samsung has shared a video on YouTube about how to care for the Galaxy Fold. We won’t say there is no need but apparently, some people need instructions. It’s a must actually and hopefully, the video below will help.

The Galaxy Fold is a phone the unfolds into a bigger tablet. It boasts a flexible display from a specially-crafted polymer screen that is sensitive enough to need extra protection. It needs TLC to be free from easy breakage. A special cover has been installed so you won’t need any other plastic cover.

The foldable phone comes with an articulated spine. It’s to protect the device from dust and water seeping inside. Consumers’ efforts to care for the Samsung Galaxy Fold may not be enough but good thing there is the Galaxy Fold Premier Service that offers a complete experience.

Samsung reminds you to “just use a light touch”. Don’t be too rough and harsh when using the foldable device because the flexible screen is still sensitive. Don’t push it too hard.

The phone closes (folds) and is kept that way with carefully placed magnets. It’s more secure so the Galaxy Fold won’t quickly snap or open. We believe these tips may not be enough but we’re expecting more related information will be released once we get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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