Samsung Galaxy Fold finally coming, here’s when exactly

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold is about to be relaunched. We have a date: September 6. This information is from news reports in South Korea, saying the highly-anticipated foldable phone is arriving very soon. After months of working on improvements and a series of tests, the Samsung foldable phone is ready for market release. It’s been almost five months since the original launch was canceled due to stories of displays breaking unit. The units in questions were those Galaxy Folds given to the press for review.

Pre-registration has started in China before the relaunch. It was also spotted in India. We learned that Samsung may only produce 30,000 units initially.

The main problem has something to do with the protecting layer being removed from the screen. Dust could get in, causing the damage. Samsung has made sure such won’t happen again.

The $1,890 Samsung Galaxy Fold will be the most expensive yet from the South Korean tech giant, at least, if we’re talking about smartphones. It won’t be the last foldable phone either but production volume will be small. It won’t be just 30K but less than a million.

To ensure the Samsung Galaxy Fold is really ready for launch, the top protective layer has been extended beyond the bezels. It is suggested the Infinity Flex Display cover won’t be removed. Reinforcements have been added to protect the Galaxy Fold from particles. The space between the hinge and the body is smaller now.

We’re excited to confirm a number of things. Specs-wise, it will be the same as the earlier version but we a few improvements.

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