Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to miss on S-Pen support due to technical limitations

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold unveiled last year is rumored to get a successor on August 5, dubbed Galaxy Fold 2. The Fold 2 was rumored to gain S Pen support, but a new report coming out of South Korea claims technical limitations prevented that from happening.
Samsung to skip S-Pen support on Galaxy Fold 2 due to technical limitations
The Korean maker has decided to omit the S-Pen support on the Galaxy Fold 2 due to durability issues of the folding screen. The thickness of the Galaxy Note10’s screen which supports S-Pen is 0.4mm, but the Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) used on the Galaxy Z Flip and likely to be used on the Fold 2 is 0.03mm thin, which is not durable enough to support the S-Pen.

On the upside, the Fold 2 is said to pack a 120Hz display which is a huge upgrade over the 60Hz screen of the Galaxy Fold. It will also be larger than the Fold’s screen and have a higher resolution. This information doesn’t come directly from Samsung, though, so don’t consider it certain just yet.

Additionally, Samsung is rumored to launch a 256GB variant of the Fold 2 alongside the 512GB model to bring down the starting price of the foldable smartphone. We’ll hear more about the Galaxy Fold 2 as we inch closer to the rumored August 5 unveiling.

Source (in Korean)

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