Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may use a different display technology

Samsung has been saying the Galaxy Fold isn’t the only foldable phone it’s been working on. There are other models in the works but we can only expect a Galaxy Fold 2. It may not be even the final name but we know the South Korean tech giant will introduce a new model next year. We’re looking at an April release so the device is really ready.
A foldable device is codenamed ‘Bloom’. This could be the Galaxy Fold 2.

The word means “to blossom” so we’re assuming Samsung has plans for the next-gen foldable phone to really become a better version of the Galaxy Fold. That is not an unusual goal but we’re not giving up on Samsung as it’s not giving up on the mobile industry.

If you may remember, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was codenamed earlier as the ‘Winner’. That was a good motivation but the device wasn’t exactly a winner when it first came out.

We haven’t heard any negative reports yet. Just that mysterious blob on the screen and the stickers of the logo falling off the hinge. We don’t have the correct numbers right now Samsung is releasing another batch of Galaxy Fold units in South Korea.

Samsung needs to improve on the foldable display. It has made a small redesign and improvement on the current Galaxy Fold but the next Fold 2, the display should be even better.

Rumor has it the Galaxy Fold 2 may be a clamshell with Ultra-Thin Glass instead of transparent PI (polyimide). It could just be a concept but we’re excited to see a normal-looking clamshell that really folds. We’re taking things with a pinch of salt here but we know nothing is final and official yet until things are.

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