Samsung Galaxy Buds+ multi-device capabiltiies aren’t “complete”

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When rumors started floating around about the next generation truly wireless earbuds from Samsung, people were speculating it will come with active noise cancellation features at first. But as we neared the official announcement, sources were saying that wouldn’t be happening but there would be other improvements with the battery and the audio quality. Plus, they said it may come with multi-device connection. Now that we have it the Galaxy Buds+ market though, it seems that feature isn’t totally as we expected.

Droid Life says that originally, there was a line in the official product page had a line that said “Multi-point connection is available with devices using Bluetooth 5.0”. This meant you could connect multiple compatible devices so you can seamlessly switch between multiple sources. But no one could figure out how to do it and there were no instructions. Some people say that eventually that line disappeared from the product page and so they assumed that Samsung was backtracking from the feature.

But if you look at the product page, there’s still a section there that says “Switch Seamlessly” where you can switch between two paired devices. So the official statement from a Samsung representative is that you can “transition across devices” if they’re logged into the same Samsung account and if the SmartThings app is installed. You also need to have your mobile devices running on Android 7.1.1 or later.

So basically, you do have multi-device capabilities and you can switch seamlessly between devices. But you can only do so with two Samsung devices and you need to have SmartThings there. That’s because SmartThings will allow you to tap within the media panel for you to switch. You can still switch between non-Samsung phones but it’s not seamless. You have to turn off the Bluetooth on the one you’re currently using and then reconnect to the other device.

It’s not really a surprise that the seamless switching will only be for Samsung devices. After all, they would want you to have Samsung devices to be able to use all of its features. But it’s a bit disappointing for non-Samsung users who just want the Galaxy Bud+

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