Samsung Galaxy Buds Live’s user manual leaked with more details

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Just like with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the upcoming Galaxy Buds Live is one of their worst keep “secrets” as we’re seeing a lot of information and images leaking. In fact, Samsung may have leaked some of them as now we’re seeing the user manual for the truly wireless earbuds published. We have confirmation of course that it will come with Active Noise Cancellation but we now have a bit more information as well on how it may work.

ANC is of course one of the most requested features for earbuds but based on the leaked designs of the Galaxy Buds Live, we couldn’t understand how it would work. ANC needs a tight fit in your ears but the bean-shaped earbuds may not provide that even as it says it will fit in different ear shapes and sizes. Based on the manual, you will have to use it with wingtips to not just make ANC work but also to prevent “physical injury” as per SAM Mobile.

The manual shows how you should attach wingtips to your earbuds which is by hooking it to the fixation hook of the respective earbuds and pulling it to the groove in the other side to give it a secure fit. There’s a warning though that you should not use the earbuds without wingtips as “it may hurt your ears” and that you shouldn’t pull the wingtips excessively when you’re attaching or detaching it.

The user manual also shows information on the charging case and its LED indicator. If there’s a solid red light, it means that your earbuds or the case itself are charging. But if you’re seeing a rapidly-blinking light, it means that “charging was blocked due to abnormal temperatures”. But don’t worry, the case has built-in safety measures so that shouldn’t be much of a problem (we hope).

The manual also details how to pair the Galaxy Buds Live with a smartphone, using the Touch area for controls, and more about charging the earbuds. Let’s see if we get more officially leaked documents and details in the next few days until its official launch on August 5 at the Samsung Unpacked event.

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