Samsung Galaxy Buds+ gets hands-on review before launch

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We’ll finally get a look at the new truly wireless earbuds from Samsung as it launches this week at the Unpacked event. But you don’t need to even wait until then as reliable tipster Roland Quandt has gotten his hands on a pair of the Galaxy Buds+ and posted a hands-on review of it on his YouTube channel. It seems that the rumors were true that it won’t have noise cancellation but we might be getting better quality earbuds this time around.

Quandt posted on his Twitter account photos of the Galaxy Buds+ that he was able to purchase before the launch. He got the light blue colored ones and based on the images, it looks pretty much the same than the older one. He then posted a quick hands-on review of the earbuds and so far, it seems as if it will surpass the quality of the original Galaxy Buds+, despite the lack of the active noise cancellation which some people were expecting.

You do get an ambient mode passthrough mode and it actually respects EQ settings so you will still be able to hear things around you if you don’t want to get too distracted. When it comes to making and receiving phone calls, Samsung promised to improve the quality by adding more microphones. Quandt says the incoming sound is pretty good although the feedback from the receiver says he sounds like he was talking from a Walkie Talkie.

That audio quality may be because of his Internet connection and the fact that he’s riding on a moving train so it’s not a big indicator that the Galaxy Buds+ phone call sound quality is bad. Battery quality is another improvement that Samsung promised and after 3.5 hours of playing loud music, 54% of the battery was left. All in all, Quandt says this is a “decent upgrade” over the original one and even fits his ears well.

The Galaxy Buds+ will be introduced at the Unpacked event happening on February 11. It will probably be a freebie for those who buy the more expensive Galaxy S20 devices that will also be announced then.

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