Samsung failed once again to detail the Galaxy Home Mini at Unpacked

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If the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Flip were the stars of Unpacked yesterday then the Galaxy Home Mini was the exact opposite of that. It wasn’t even showcased at the event. What makes this an even odder turn of events is that the Galaxy Home Mini is technically ready for the market, to the point where Samsung offers it as a pre-order incentive for Galaxy S20 buyers in South Korea. Yet, for whatever reason, Samsung appears to be reluctant to make an official announcement for the global market.The Galaxy Home Mini is not yet available for purchase but despite this, it already has a bit of a tumultuous history. Perhaps no more than the original Galaxy Home which was showcased nearly two years ago and has completely gone quiet in the meantime. Nevertheless, it’s been almost a year since the Galaxy Home Mini picked up its Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and FCC certificates, and roughly six months since the smart speaker entered beta testing in South Korea. Throughout all this time, Samsung failed to give us a complete and clear picture of what the Galaxy Home Mini is capable of, and Unpacked in San Francisco feels like a missed opportunity in this regard.Ultimately, Samsung’s smart speaker will eventually make it in the hands of consumers, in South Korea at the very least. But at this point, even if it will launch worldwide, it’s difficult to imagine Samsung making a big deal out of it given that it completely missed the chance to formally introduce the product at Unpacked. It’s a bit of a shame, and it’s almost as if Samsung isn’t confident enough in its creation, but perhaps the product itself will make up for its problematic launch.

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