Samsung factories in Russia remain closed as coronavirus cases ramp up

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Samsung’s manufacturing plant in Russia was shut down last week as the country entered a lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The company’s factory in Kaluga was scheduled to resume operations today, April 6, but Samsung had reportedly decided to extend the shutdown period following the Russian government’s requests, states Yonhap News Agency. LG Electronics finds itself in a similar situation and won’t reopen its factories in Russia for the time being.Although no coronavirus cases have been found at Samsung’s plant in Kaluga, Russia, the company suspended operations for a week in a joint effort with the government to slow down the spread of coronavirus in the country. Over 6,300 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Russia as of this writing.Samsung resumed operations in other countriesIn Brazil, Hungary, and other countries in which a few of Samsung’s employees tested positive for coronavirus, the company resumed operations after performing thorough on-site cleaning and sanitization for a few days. The Newberry home appliance factory in South Carolina, United States, was shut down late last week but should resume operations today after it’s been disinfected over the weekend.All of this will affect the company’s revenues, and industry insiders already expect Samsung to slash its original earnings forecast for 2020. The company is manufacturing TVs as well as home appliances at its factory in Kaluga, Russia, and some of these products are shipped to several European countries.

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