Samsung exploring other foldable design ideas

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The question when will the next foldable phone from Samsung is always asked. We know an answer will be given soon. It’s only a matter of time before the South Korean tech sends out a hint or teaser. More details will surface in the coming weeks and months until the official announcement. Now we want to ask what foldable phone design will be introduced next. Samsung has already explored the phone-tablet form factor, as well as, a clamshell foldable. Perhaps someday a different one will be introduced.

The Samsung Display team has posted two images that give us an idea what to expect someday. They may not be introduced next year yet but we can anticipate the future of foldable phone category will be brighter.

Rumors about a multi-fold phone have started. There were also mentions of stretchable displays. A rollable phone concept has been introduced recently by OPPO. As for Samsung, it may come up one with a tri-fold panel. This could mean the display could be folded or stretched.

Fold the display to get a smartphone. Open it to transform it into a tablet. The possibilities are endless once foldable display technology is improved.

Samsung is exploring opportunities for innovation. There have been plenty of patents that surfaced or ideas rendered. We’re looking forward to more designs and tech like this tri-fold display and maybe a real rollable or stretchable phone.

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