Samsung explains foldable multitasking benefits in One UI 2.5

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A Samsung official today explained how One UI 2.5 boosts the multitasking potential of its two newest foldable smartphones – the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Due to popular user demand, the company revisited some key elements of its custom Android implementation, including the Edge Panel, Multi-Active Window, and the Multi-Window Tray. While most of these changes and additions have already been mentioned as part of the full-fledged Galaxy Z Fold 2 unveiling from the beginning of the month, we now got to see how they’ll work in practice.

The new Apps Panel, for example, increases the number of user-selected app shortcuts from 10 to 22, all the while allowing you to customize its layout. Samsung also implemented the ability to open multiple files from a single app, and combined the Edge Panel with App Pair in order to deliver the first officially supported method of launching multiple apps at once in One UI. All of that should make the process of splitting your flagship’s screen significantly easier.

If you’re having difficulties keeping up with all of these buzzwords, you’re not the only one. The images below will hopefully help clear things up a bit because most of these novelties seem genuinely useful.

Samsung’s foldable experience is becoming more attractive by the day

This is yet another indication of Samsung planning to position its flexible smartphones as the new golden standard for mobile productivity. Well, minus the S Pen – at least for now.

With the exception of Android GO devices, the minor multitasking improvements such as App Panel shortcut limits will be available on non-foldable Galaxy devices, as well. Many of those previously updated to the newest stable OS build should be able to access the said functionalities already. Samsung also intends to support all Galaxy A-series devices released from the second half of 2019 onward, though some of those may have to wait until One UI 3.1 before they can join the powerhouse multitasking club, according to one of the company’s developers.

Speaking of ongoing software update efforts, One UI 2.5 most recently reached the Galaxy Tab S6, and while it’s still based on Android 10, it’s also the most refined smartphone experience from the company to date.

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