Samsung Expert RAW camera app update brings better image quality and bug fixes

Last week, Samsung brought major new features to the Expert RAW app, a camera app designed to give professional photographers more control over the shooting experience.

Expert RAW now supports an astrophotography mode that lets you take long (like really long) exposure shots of the sky and even helps you figure out where things like different constellations and stars are in the sky with what Samsung calls Sky Guide. It also supports Multi-Exposure, which lets users capture multiple shots of the same scene and then overlay them on top of each other.

And now, Samsung is rolling out a new update to the Expert RAW camera app that brings improvements to image quality and fixes some undetailed bugs. Unfortunately, the issue with Astrophoto mode sometimes crashing phones when the Sky Guide feature is active is still present, so more updates may be needed before the new features function as they should.

For now, if you use Expert RAW, grab the latest update to the app from the Galaxy Store. If you haven’t already tried it out, do it – you might be surprised by the results you get. Also check out Samsung’s new Camera Assistant app if you’re looking for more granular settings in your phone’s regular camera app, though keep in mind that both Expert RAW and Camera Assistant may not be available for your device.

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