Samsung experiencing delays in shipping of pre-ordered devices

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Some consumers who pre-ordered the new Samsung devices may have to wait a little longer for the devices to arrive on their doorstep. The Korean OEM has emailed some of the customers that they will not be able to meet the promised delivery dates. This affects certain models of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Watch4. Instead of the late August shipment date, some will have to wait until mid-September to get their device. Samsung may have really underestimated the pre-order numbers or there might still be some semiconductor shortage happening.

AllAboutSamsung reported that some customers have received emails informing them that they will not receive their device on the time period earlier announced. Some have actually gotten their Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Watch4 in some countries but those who haven’t yet will have to play the waiting game. It looks like the LTE version and 46mm band variant of the Galaxy Watch4 Classic and the 512GB variant of the Galaxy Z Fold3 are the ones affected.

The email says they might have to wait until mid-September, a couple of weeks later than the original plan of last week of August. The delay is due to the higher-than-expected demand for these devices. It may also be possible that semi-conductor supply difficulties may have also contributed to the delay although that is something that wasn’t mentioned. But this has been a much-talked-about problem in the industry.

It’s understandable that there’s a high demand for the new devices. It seems like consumers are now convinced that foldable devices are the next big thing (again) and so interest in the higher-end Galaxy Z Fold 3 is pretty high. The Galaxy Watch4 meanwhile is the first device to run on the co-developed version of the Wear OS, a new partnership between Samsung and Google. So it’s not really surprising that there are a lot of pre-orders.

So if you were pretty excited about receiving your pre-ordered Samsung device, check first your email if you’ve received a notification. Hopefully we get updates from Samsung soon about this.

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