Samsung expands Vevo TV partnership beyond the U.S.

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Samsung (TV Plus) and media giant Vevo are expanding their existing content distribution partnership beyond the United States, the duo revealed this week. More specifically, the Vevo Pop channel just launched on Samsung TV Plus in the United Kingdom. The British version of the service offers the same ad-supported Internet TV experience that’s been available stateside since 2019.

That said, we won’t have to wait another year and a half until the partnership’s next milestone is official. Vevo intends to keep integrating its programming into Samsung TV Plus in the immediate future. The company hence confirmed this European expansion will continue sometime before the year’s end.

Is Vevo Samsung’s MTV?

As popular as Vevo Pop is stateside, it would be unfair to label it the new MTV or anything of the sort. Not just from a standpoint of global success, but also due to the fact Samsung’s Internet television service offers an actual MTV property in its portfolio – MTV Pluto TV.

Vevo’s content network also happens to span way more than just a single pop music channel. Like, five of them, to be exact. But the media company’s also not interested in any kind of exclusivity binding it to Samsung’s over-the-top solution. That’s why it’s debatable who’s benefitting from this deal more. Samsung, for its part, admits Vevo properties are some of its best-performing channels in the U.S.

In reality, Vevo and Samsung hardly need each other to keep doing what they’ve been doing. But that doesn’t mean this distribution deal won’t continue to yield results.

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