Samsung enters Canadian 4G LTE-A and 5G market with Videotron

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Samsung Electronics has partnered with Canadian telecommunications provider Videotron to supply the company with 4G LTE-A and 5G network solutions. This new collaboration marks Samsung’s first entry into Canada as a network solutions provider. Beginning early 2020, Videotron customers in Quebec and Ottawa can expect to have access to 4G LTE-A and 5G thanks to Samsung’s network equipment.Samsung Electronics makes its LTE-A / 5G debut in CanadaThere’s been a lot of talks lately about Samsung’s position in the emerging 5G segment and how 2020 might be a decisive year for the company, especially as numerous markets are gearing up to adopt 5G. Samsung and other 5G equipment providers are in a favorable position as the 5G market is poised to flourish next year. One company will emerge victorious over the others, and so far, Samsung seems to be leading the charge.Huawei might be its biggest rival in the 5G space, but the China-US trade restrictions have limited Huawei’s scope and possibilities of expansion in many markets. Samsung’s entry in Canada is a perfect example of what might happen next year in numerous other countries as they prepare to make the jump to 5G.Some analysts believe that Huawei’s solutions are cheaper and possibly even more technologically advanced, but its reputation weighs heavily and numerous western countries will likely end up dealing with Samsung instead. Meanwhile, Samsung’s expertise speaks for itself as it is presently the largest 5G network equipment provider in the US and South Korea. We suspect that the company will win this title in many other markets beginning next year.

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