Samsung employees in Vietnam factory ordered to be quarantined

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Last month, hundreds of Samsung Display engineers were allowed to travel from South Korea to Vietnam despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. They had also received a relaxation from the mandatory 14-day quarantine rule imposed by Vietnam. Now, the local government authorities have ordered people working in the company’s factory to be quarantined after one worker was tested positive for the virus.According to Reuters, a 25-year-old worker from Samsung Display’s EQC-SI unit was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. A statement was released earlier today by the anti-COVID-19 task force in Vietnam. The Samsung Display factory is situated in the Bac Ninh province in the northern part of Vietnam. The South Korean firm has announced that it will not close the display panel manufacturing facility despite the quarantine situation.Samsung is the single-largest foreign investor in Vietnam, and it accounts for more than 25 percent of the company’s exports. Apart from the OLED display plant, the South Korean firm has two smartphone factories in the country. The company had also pledged to invest around $220 million to construct a new R&D center in the country and plans to offer jobs to over 800 people.Amid this pandemic, Samsung has faced a lot of problems. The company had to close its factories in various countries, including Brazil, India, Slovakia, and the US. It also had to keep its retail stores closed in Canada, China, Europe, Malaysia, the UK, and the US. The company’s revenue fell due to the decreased smartphone demand as people are avoiding spending money on high-ticket items during the economic uncertainty.

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