Samsung Email crosses 1 billion installs on Google Play Store

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Samsung Email app has crossed 1 billion installs on Google Play Store, becoming only the second app from the company after Samsung Internet to achieve this milestone. Samsung Internet, the company’s most popular first-party app, reached the 1 billion mark in February this year after crossing 500 million installs around a year back.While these numbers sound impressive, it’s worth remembering that both these apps come preloaded on Galaxy devices and that accounts for a vast majority of these installations. Also, Since Samsung distributes some of its apps through the Galaxy Store in select markets, the actual installation numbers may be significantly higher.

Samsung Email is a feature-packed email client that doesn’t get much love since most users just stick with the preloaded Gmail app. The Korean company’s email client works well with both personal and business accounts and supports features such as Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), S/MIME encryption, SPAM management, etc. It is the only option for customers if they prefer an email app with Samsung’s One UI design.Despite the impressive installation numbers, the future of Samsung Email appears uncertain. After the recent partnership between Microsoft and Samsung, there are signs of former’s Android apps and services replacing many of Samsung’s first-party offerings on Galaxy devices. Microsoft’s Outlook app received S Pen support recently, bringing it one step closer to possibly replacing Samsung Email app sometime in the future.

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