Samsung elects fearless TV strategy as LG cowers under coronavirus threat

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Samsung won’t have one measly highly infectious disease mess up its original TV business strategy for what remains of 2020. According to newly emerged insider claims, the world’s top television manufacturer will be releasing a varied range of its seminal microLED smart TVs in the second half of the year, just like it said it would back at CES. At the same time, Samsung’s fierce rival LG sees the ongoing coronavirus hardships as a major deterrent to its TV plans.South Korean sources today claimed the current state of affairs may result in yet another delay of LG’s rollable OLED TV line. So, while Samsung remains confident in the first draft of its 2020 strategy for high-end TVs, its competitor is reportedly considering pushing back the said OLED range to 2021. For added reference, that’s three full years after the first announcement of LG’s historic consumer TV line that Samsung wasn’t keen on following.Fortune favors the bold (with micro-light-emitting diodes)Samsung and LG’s diametrically opposed views of the post-coronavirus markets are proportional to their recent TV industry achievements (and lack thereof). That’s not by chance, either; to say this year hasn’t been going too well for consumer electronics companies would be an understatement. Yet it appears Samsung didn’t get the memo about its supposedly mandatory trip to the recession realm many analysts have been predicting since the turn of the year.All joking aside, Samsung has certainly yet to endure the worst effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic. It said so itself in its latest quarterly performance report, acknowledging numerous crises of varied scales are to be expected in the immediate future across most of its many operations. But those very same financials also revealed some remarkable results, including an impressively absolute Q1 2020 profitability jump achieved in spite of a revenue nosedive caused by both the unexpected healthcare crisis and the traditionally painful post-holiday blues.

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