Samsung Electronics was US’ largest home appliance vendor in 2019

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Samsung Electronics was the largest home appliance vendor in the United States throughout 2019, marking the company’s fourth consecutive year in pole position. Its home appliances have been purchased by enough people to cover an impressive 20.5% of the entire US market.Samsung sells a wide variety of home appliances in the United States, ranging from dryers to refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave ovens.Samsung tops all home appliance categories, save for microwave ovensLast year, the company managed to top nearly all of these individual segments, except for the microwave oven market. Samsung was the 2nd largest microwave oven vendor in the United States with 14.5% of the market. That’s still three-to-one, as Samsung secured its leading position in the other segments and was the largest vendor of dryers, washing machines, and refrigerators.Samsung’s dryers covered 20.8% of the US market, securing the company’s top spot on the podium for the third consecutive year.Likewise, Samsung has been the leading washing machine vendor for four years in a row and captured 20.5% of the market in 2019. As for refrigerators, Samsung took over 23.7% of the segment, while its french-door refrigerators have been the top-selling products in their category for eleven consecutive years, covering 32% of the market by the end of 2019.Samsung Electronics will likely maintain its top spot throughout 2020 given the new and impressive range of updated home appliances unveiled at CES 2020. Its 2020 Family Hub refrigerators, for example, have been upgraded and updated in key areas and they now leverage better AI and IoT features.

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