Samsung Electronics Membership program revamped with new ‘Star’ rating

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Samsung has announced that it has revamped the Samsung Electronics Membership program in South Korea, offering a new rating and wider benefits to its loyal customers. Since the membership’s launch in 2009, over 28 million people have been a part of it.With the revamped membership, around 700,000 general members received the new ‘Star’ rating. These customers would now enjoy more benefits. The Star rating is for users who purchased KRW 3 million (around $2,400) worth of Samsung products or made more than three purchases over the past two years.Samsung Electronics Membership brings more benefits to loyal customers in KoreaThe Samsung Electronics Membership program now has four tiers: Royal Blue, Prestige, Star, and General Membership. The Royal Blue membership tier is for those who made more than KRW 15 million (around $12,200) worth o Samsung products in two years, while Prestige is for those who bought KRW 8 million (around $6,500) worth of products in two years.The South Korean firm has also added a Blue Package service that provides benefits from affiliates according to a customer’s lifestyle, and culture, leisure, and sports. Customers can enjoy home games between Samsung Lions and Suwon Samsung Bluewings. They also get to access premium knowledge content from ‘SERI CEO’ and discounted access at Leeum and Hoam Museums.The company is offering special benefits to prospective newlyweds, such as free membership service for ACs, air dressers, dryers, electric cooking ranges, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines. They can get extended warranties of up to three years. You can read more about Samsung Electronics Membership for the South Korean market here.Yoon Tae-Sik, MD of Samsung Electronics Korea, said, “We prepared a variety of life services that can be enjoyed in everyday life according to the lifestyle of various customer bases. We will continue to listen to customers’ opinions and repay them with more advanced services.

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