Samsung draws Circle to Search clouds in the sky to promote Galaxy S24

Samsung has found another clever way to promote the Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search feature. After redesigning the London Underground map in the UK, Samsung took to the skies in South Africa.

Quite literally, Samsung had airplanes draw circles in the skies above Table Mountain in Cape Town to advertise the Circle to Search AI-powered tool for the Galaxy S24 series.

In a recent press release, Samsung South Africa’s Head of Marketing for Mobile eXperience said, “In our pursuit to bring attention to Circle to Search […], Samsung made a bold and engaging move drawing circles in the sky to mark a new era for Galaxy AI.”

A new way to search on Galaxy S24

Circle to Search was developed in partnership with Google as a new way for people to search the internet. The feature debuted on the Galaxy S24 series and later became available for the Pixel 8. It may soon land on other Galaxy phones through the One UI 6.1 update.

Galaxy S24 users can enable Circle to Search by simply pressing and holding the gesture hint (when using navigation gestures) or the home button (when using nav buttons) on any screen and in any app. They can then circle anything on the screen to perform a quick Google search of what they see, including objects, products, people, brands, landmarks, and so on.

The concept is not new. Google explored it through Lens before. However, Circle to Search on the Galaxy S24 series is implemented in a much more intuitive and user-friendly way. There’s no need to take screenshots, upload anything manually, or open another app. Anything on your Galaxy S24’s screen and even in the Camera’s viewfinder can be circled and searched almost instantly.

There are rumors that the Galaxy S23 series may get One UI 6.1 in March, and some say Circle to Search could be included in the package, but time will tell if that’s true. For now, Circle to Search remains a Galaxy S24-exclusive feature.

Image Credit: Samsung

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