Samsung doubles down on solar in pursuit of eco-friendly tech

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Samsung is doubling down on solar energy as it continues to embrace eco-friendly technologies across the board. One of its most recent pushes toward more sustainable practices involved integrating solar panels at its semiconductor factories in South Korea.

The initiative encompassed all chipmaking facilities Samsung currently operates in its home country: those in  Pyeongtaek, Asan, Yongin, and Hwaseong. It stemmed from a 2018 promise Samsung made in response to rising climate change concerns, pledging to fully transition to renewable energy sources come 2021.

Being 100% green is only the beginning

That goal was almost reached a full year ahead of schedule, with Samsung’s 2019 report stating 92% of its energy sources were renewable. Earlier this week, the company confirmed it is now 100% green.

That doesn’t mean Samsung’s involvement in global climate change mitigation efforts is over. In more than one way, this fight is just beginning, according to pretty much every scientific prognosis going back half a century.

In a prepared statement, a company representative said Samsung intends to continue its investments in energy efficiency from both an operational perspective and the standpoint of research and development. This assessment is in line with what we’ve recently heard from other tech giants like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel.

Looking at the medium term, it’s becoming more likely that consumer electronics will prioritize energy efficiency above most other aspects of performance. Of course, that’s not solely due to the tech giants’ benevolence, but also the fact that Moore’s Law is 56 years old and happens to be at its deathbed.

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