Samsung Display to supply over 70% OLED panels for Apple iPhone 14 series

Building an iPhone requires a combination of multiple suppliers that supply different parts to Apple. Speaking of displays, Samsung Display has been a major supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone ever since Apple switched to OLED panels. And now, as per TheElec, Samsung Display is expected to supply over 70% of the OLED display panels for the iPhone 14 series.

Apple has reportedly ordered more than 120 million OLED panels for the iPhone 14 lineup this year. Out of the 120 million, it is expected that Samsung Display will supply around 80 million OLED displays. Apple’s other display suppliers, including LG Display and BOE, will supply 20 million and 6 million units, respectively.

Samsung gains an advantage over other suppliers, such as LG Display and BOE, because LG provides only an LTPS display for the vanilla iPhone 14 and an LTPO display for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. On the other hand, BOE supplies LTPS displays for the regular iPhone 14 model. However, Samsung Display is the one that supplies display panels for every iPhone in the lineup. So, it’s the versatility of the Samsung Display that allows it to beat other Apple display suppliers.

According to TheElec, approximately 60 million of the 80 million prescribed display units shipped by Samsung will be used for the high-end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. Another reason Samsung became the major OLED display supplier for Apple is that LG Display is facing production issues.

Samsung is known for excellent displays on its Galaxy devices, especially this year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is regarded as one of the best displays on a smartphone. Of course, the iPhone 14 Pro model has higher peak brightness levels, but that doesn’t mean that the display on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is lower by any means.

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