Samsung Display to supply foldable OLED panels, UTGs to more OEMs

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Samsung Display Foldable Flexible

Samsung isn’t just popular as the top mobile OEM in the world. The South Korean tech giant is also a known manufacturer and supplier of display panels. The Samsung Display division is still doing well. It’s been working on foldable OLED panels for more OEMs and it’s still allowed to supply OLED panels to Huawei. The company is said to be expanding its current list of Ultra-Thin Glass customers. This means a number of things. For one, it means Samsung will have new rivals when it comes to the foldable phone game.

Samsung has been working on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The Galaxy Note 21 may be no more, at least, for this year. The upcoming Galaxy foldable phones will be the premium flagship offerings by the OEM for the second half of the year. There won’t be more units though as Samsung is believed to just produce about a third of its usual target.

The foldable display business is relatively new but we know Samsung has been working on the technology for years. Reports say Samsung may be supplying foldable OLED panels and UTGs to other companies. One major client will be Google.

Could Google be working on a Pixel foldable phone? Now that is a possibility. It’s an exciting one but we hope too see a better or problem-free Google Pixel phone first. Samsung Display and Dowoo Insys’ UTG on a foldable Pixel phone sounds exciting and promising but we just want a few things: better flexibility and durability.

Samsung Display wants to expand the foldable display business. Its foldable panel may not be perfect but it works. Samsung was able to come up with foldable phones that are commercially available and that are actually in demand. They’re not perfect but they work anyway.

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