Samsung Display outshines competition in global smartphone panel sales

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Samsung Display doesn’t have much in the way of competition in the global smartphone market. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it reigned supreme over everyone else in terms of market share; although it is marginally lower than last year. The global smartphone display market was worth $21 billion in H1, 2021, almost 13% higher than last year’s figure of $18.6 billion.

A survey conducted by market research firm Strategy Analytics tells us that Samsung Display captured 48% of the smartphone display market. While that figure doesn’t look like much, the runner-up — China-based BoE Electronics — had a paltry 13% share followed by Tianma Microelectronics Co. at 8%. Interestingly enough, Samsung’s arch-rival LG is nowhere to be seen on the list. LG’s POLED panels were lambasted for sub-par performance on Google Pixel devices, and we’ve seen fewer of those ever since.

It is unlikely that Samsung Display will lose out its top position to any of its competitions anytime soon. Most high-end smartphonestablets, and even laptops sold in the market use Samsung panels for their impeccable colour accuracy and brightness. Besides, Samsung Display is pretty much the only company you can go to if you want a foldable screen.

That being said, OLED panels are becoming increasingly commonplace in mid-range and even some low-cost smartphones. BOE is usually the go-to supplier here and it could witness a rise in orders in the coming years due to the newly emerging trend.

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