Samsung Device Security malware database got updated

Samsung recently spoke about the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 being some of the most secure phones in their niche and explained why. One reason of several is the Device Protection anti-virus solution powered by McAfee. And as it happens, Samsung also rolled out a Device Security update recently to ensure that its phones remain secure.

Samsung Device Security version 7.3.09 is now available. The official changelog states that the new release updates the malware database to the latest version. In other words, malware and viruses always evolve, and new security threats are being devised by malicious parties, so the malware database has been updated to keep Galaxy phones and tablets secure against the latest security threats.

In addition to the database getting an update, Samsung Device Security 7.3.09 also “fixed some issues,” although the changelog doesn’t elaborate further.

Samsung’s device protection solution keeps Galaxy phones and tablets secure by performing automatic scans. But in case you want to manually scan your device for malware, you can open the Settings app, access “Battery and device care,” then go to “Device protection,” and tap the “Scan phone” or “Scan tablet” button. The scanner is powered by McAfee, with which Samsung’s been collaborating for the past nine years, and the two companies recently extended their partnership for an indetermined amount of time.

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