Samsung develops world’s first ultra-small high-capacity MLCC for IT

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has just announced the world’s first ultra-small, high-capacity MLCC (multilayer ceramic capacitor) designed for a wide variety of IT applications. This new MLCC is different from the one that was introduced by the company at the beginning of the year, thought they’re both fit for 5G smartphones and other product categories such as home appliances and electric vehicles.

Compared to the previous 1209-size MLCC though, Samsung’s latest solution measures only 0.4 x 0.2mm, which means it’s several times smaller. The company claims that the new MLCC was developed as demand for ultra-small solutions grew with the emergence of 5G smartphones and more advanced multi-camera systems. Up until now, 0402-size capacitors were limited by their 4V voltage, however, Samsung’s latest solution is rated at 6.3V.

The purpose of a capacitor is to control the stable flow of electric current within an electronic circuit. Devices such as smartphones generally require more than 1,000 capacitors, which means that the size of each individual capacitor becomes very important when managing the internal space. Aside from the obvious size advantages, Samsung also claims that the new MLCC enhances stability and product life.

According to Samsung Electro-Mechanics head of Component Business Doo Young Kim, this product is the first within the industry to realize miniaturization, highest capacity, and high internal voltage. The executive added that the new MLCC will help Samsung Electro-Mechanics secure a leading position within the segment.

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