Samsung details the Galaxy S11’s 108 MP ISOCELL camera

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Samsung has published more details about its 108-megapixel ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor in a blog post and the accompanying videos on its website. The Korean company hyping up its camera sensors is nothing new, but this is interesting given that the Galaxy S11 is supposed to use this sensor or an improved version of it for its primary camera, going by all the leaks and reports so far.Interestingly, though the next Galaxy flagship is at least a couple of months away from launch, the said camera sensor has already made its debut in the Mi Note 10 last month. For what it’s worth, the sensor has proven to be quite a performer when paired even with the mid-range Snapdragon 730G chipset in the Mi Note 10. However, we will know its true potential when Samsung pairs the sensor with flagship chipsets and top-notch image processing in its upcoming flagship.Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX the first image sensor in the industry to surpass 100 million pixels and also the first to feature a larger 1/1.33-inch sensor size. The sensor comes with Smart-ISO technology that intelligently activates lower ISO in daylight and high ISO in low light for better dynamic range and less noise.

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