Samsung debuts 2023 version of its Interactive Display for classrooms

Samsung attended the Bett 2023 exhibition in London, England, which is Europe’s largest education technology exhibition. Here, the company unveiled its 2023 Interactive Display (digital whiteboard) with an aim to take over the education market. Bett stands for British Educational Training and Technology, and it is an educational technology exhibition in which 30,000 education officials from 600 companies in 120 countries participate.

The 2023 Interactive Display is named WAC, and it is a new product that runs Android. Thanks to the flexibility of the ever-popular Android OS, teachers will be able to easily screen share texts, photos, videos, applications, and more with students via the Samsung Interactive Display.

With the new Samsung Whiteboard app, teachers can use additional features on the Interactive Display

Samsung will introduce the 2023 Interactive Display in three screen sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch. All these digital whiteboards will come equipped with 4K resolution to offer clear picture quality. It will come with 20-point multi-touch support, not only using a separate dedicated pen but with any general pen, for that matter.

The Samsung 2023 Interactive Display will be able to recognize differences in stroke thickness, depending on the type of writing instruments used. Additionally, it will feature a USB-C port with up to 65W fast charging, connectivity of up to 9 IT devices at the same time, HDMI Out port, PIP (Picture in Picture), and PBP (Picture By Picture) support. It also has important functions for smart learning, such as multi-windows, front high-quality stereo speakers, exclusive pens, and magnetic pen holders.

Samsung has added the DMS (Device Management Solution) to the 2023 Interactive Display, which will allow the use of features such as remote monitoring and controlling the electronic whiteboard in the classroom, sending warning messages on the screen, and more. The South Korean firm will also introduce a new Samsung Whiteboard app that will enhance the functionalities of the 2023 Samsung Interactive Display.

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