Samsung could allow more employees to work from home

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Samsung Electronics is reportedly considering expanding its remote working program to more employees going forward due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to a new report, the company recently surveyed its consumer electronics business division workers on work-from-home solutions.Earlier, the South Korean tech giant only allowed those employees to work from home who showed symptoms of the virus or those who were suspected to have come in contact with COVID-19 patients. Pregnant employees working with the company and overseas business travelers were also allowed to work from home. However, after the number of active COVID-19 cases started spiking in South Korea, the company is forced to allow other employees to work remotely as well.Excluding factory and production line workers, Samsung is considering allowing some of its employees to work from home. A Samsung official said that the company is reviewing options to expand the work-from-home policy but the final decision has not been taken yet.Samsung had to close most of its stores worldwide over the past few months after the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of its factories were temporarily shut down after some workers were confirmed to have been infected with the virus. Due to store closures and a recession-like situation, the company’s sales took a dip, and the business was affected.

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