Samsung confirms that it’s working on rollable and slidable displays

Samsung Display confirmed that it’s working on rollable and slidable screens, similar to what’s on the phone LG teased during its CES 2021 event. The conglomerate’s display division also had other interesting insights to share.

Samsung confirms that it's working on rollable smartphones

Samsung Display’s senior vice president, Choi Kwon-young spoke after the company published its financial report and said that its first rollable and slidable displays are coming this year. It’s a reasonable guess that Samsung’s mobile division will be the first to adopt them, but that wasn’t explicitly confirmed.

Meanwhile we should see the flip and fold displays adopt new technologies, while the company will rely on features such as variable refresh rate and low power to stay ahead in the increasingly crowded regular OLED market. Unfortunately the technologies that might grace the Z Flip3 and Galaxy Fold3 were named.


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