Samsung confirms Knox E-FOTA One will launch in Germany next week

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Samsung has been releasing Enterprise Edition Galaxy devices in Germany for a few years now, and today, the company announced that its latest Knox E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air) solution known as Knox E-FOTA One will be available in Germany from May 4th.Knox E-FOTA One was introduced in March 2020 as a new and improved solution added to the E-FOTA lineup. It offers an improved OS management experience with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) sync, a revamped UI/UX, enhanced service enrollment methods, and more powerful multi-device update campaign solutions. In essence, Knox E-FOTA One combines and expands upon the capabilities of Knox E-FOTA and E-FOTA Advanced.Knox E-FOTA One aims to reduce management pointsAccording to Samsung Electronics’ Sascha Lekic, mobile devices have become just as indispensable in the business environment as in the private sector. As a result, IT Administrators have a bigger challenge in terms of device management than ever before. The latest evolution of Samsung’s platform aims to reduce management points, saving companies both time and money. A great advantage of this platform is that it allows administrators to test software updates before making them available on company devices, thus reducing the risk of potential issues cropping up post-update.Starting next week, Samsung enterprise customers in Germany will be able to acquire the company’s latest MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution through authorized dealers.

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