Samsung confirms Galaxy A55 and A35 will be easier to repair

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 mid-range phones will be similar to the high-end Galaxy S24 series in at least one respect. They’ll be easier to repair than their predecessors, Samsung confirms.

In some markets, the Korean tech giant publishes official repair scores for Galaxy phones. And it just so happens that Samsung recently published repair scores for the Galaxy A55 and A35 in France (via GalaxyClub), even though neither one of these phones is available for purchase at the moment.

Thanks to design improvements in a few areas and better support, the Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 achieve slightly higher repairability scores than the 2023 models.

Easier to repair and better part availability

According to these Samsung-issued grades, the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 score 8.5 and 8.4 points out of 10, respectively. For reference, the Galaxy A54 and A34 scored 8.4 and 8.3 points.

The documents say that the Galaxy A55 achieves a higher repairability score because:

  • Fewer/less complex tools are required for disassembly.
  • Parts are easier to detach.
  • Replacement parts will be available for longer to meet European regulations.

Interestingly, the Galaxy A35 isn’t as easy to disassemble as the Galaxy A34. It’s slightly less so, but it scores more points in other categories, which is why the upcoming Galaxy A35 has a higher total repairability score than its predecessor.

Samsung continues to keep quiet about its release plans for the Galaxy A35 and A55. But since we’re approaching the Galaxy A34 and A54’s one-year anniversary on March 14, we’re guessing the 2024 models are probably just around the corner.

As to how Samsung improved the Galaxy S24 flagships, it’s a similar theme, where ease-of-disassembly and part availability play a role. Check out the links below for complete Galaxy S24 and Ultra teardowns.

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