Samsung collaborates with Intel, HP, and SK Telecom in commercializing 5G virtual networks

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SK Telecom announced earlier today that it has joined hands with Intel, HP, and Samsung to commercialize 5G virtual networks. The companies have collaborated for the development, deployment, and establishment of virtualization process standards. Recently, Samsung had started offering 5G vRAN (Virtualized Radio Access Network) solutions to network carriers for easier cost and network optimizations.

As a part of the new collaboration, Intel will share its Xeon processors, ethernet network adapters, and solid-state drives. HP will provide its virtual server ProLiant to the South Korean tech giant. SK Telecom will help verify Samsung Electronics’ 5G virtualization software and check its compatibility with the 5G core network.

A 5G virtual network will make it easier for cellular network carriers to quickly introduce various 5G services because they don’t have to install new hardware or upgrade them. Kang Jong-Ryeol, the head of ICT Infra Center at SK Telecom, said, “The collaboration of the four companies will establish the foundation of the 5G network virtualization, which will provide better services to consumers.

Samsung has been trying to expand its network business after various countries started distancing themselves from Huawei following data security concerns. Although Huawei is still the number one network infrastructure provider globally, Samsung has been able to make its mark. Recently, Samsung Networks bagged a huge, $6.6 billion 5G infrastructure contract from US-based carrier Verizon.

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