Samsung CMO: It’s time for marketing to grow up and here’s how

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Being one of the largest and most multifaceted conglomerates in the history of mankind, Samsung isn’t lacking in the desire to change the world, nor the talent to do it. Marketing is no exception to that rule, as illustrated by the contribution Benjamin Braun, Samsung’s European CMO, made to Build Brilliant Brands. That would be the name of a newly released book compiling marketing advice from 22 industry leaders.

Published by the Facebook EMEA Client Council forum earlier today, the book offers a rare glimpse into the mind of one of Samsung’s top marketing officials. It hence reveals Braun still sees the marketing profession as somewhat immature and believes it’s time for it to fully grow up in the context of the 21st century. To do so, marketers shouldn’t shy away from marrying the many arts and sciences that compel them in everyday work, but avoid falling into the trap of obsessing over any one of them individually, Braun posits.

Samsung Europe’s marketing chief also offered actionable advice on how to do so, advocating for an evidence-based approach to the craft which starts with an implementation of econometrics into modern marketing practices.

The book’s best Samsung insight comes from an oil company exec

Six pages’ worth of Braun’s thoughts on the past, present, and future of marketing aren’t the only element of Facebook’s newly published book relevant to Samsung. Another section of the book pointing toward the chaebol’s renowned status in the world of marketing was penned by Dean Aragon, CEO of Shell Brands International & Global VP Brand. Whose words, as that title already implies, came from the perspective of a consumer, not (just) an industry veteran from the segment’s highest echelon. Yet one could argue that’s what makes them even more valuable and better reflects Samsung’s pioneering approach to doing business and connecting with consumers.

The relevant passage has Aragon point to Samsung as an example of a company that defies big data science and limits its potential when it comes to predicting consumer behavior and, consequently, making informed marketing decisions. More specifically, the executive explained how his personal shopping history could suggest he’s an Apple loyalist, whereas in reality, he’s been immersing himself in Samsung’s device portfolio for a while now and intends to continue shifting his entire family in that direction moving forward. All due to what he perceives as Samsung’s “commitment to innovation.”

And again, this is all coming from someone not paid or otherwise incentivized to hold a positive opinion of Samsung. Long-time readers will know that Aragon’s view of recent Galaxy products is too positive even for us self-proclaimed Samsung loyalists at SamMobile. Of course, we’d still welcome him to our ranks if he’s ever in search of a career change.

Build Brilliant Brands is available for download free of charge as of today.

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