Samsung CES 2020 booth is the largest, Galaxy Home Mini could be there

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Samsung’s appearance at CES 2020 will be unmatched, as the company’s 3,370 square meeters booth will be the largest among all the other participants. Although Samsung’s entire CES 2020 schedule remains unknown, the company is expected to unveil numerous products across different categories, ranging from IoT, AI, and 5G networking to home appliances and TVs.Additionally, Samsung might also be bringing the Galaxy Home Mini at CES 2020, according to a recent report from The Korea Times. However, even if the smart speaker will be showcased in Las Vegas, there’s no guarantee that it will be released around the same time given Samsung’s slow progress in this area. Its first smart speaker dubbed the Galaxy Home has been eluding the market for over a year now. It, too, was showcased at CES 2019, yet it’s still nowhere to be found.What else can we expect from Samsung at CES 2020?As reported a few weeks ago, Samsung Electronics CEO, Kim Huyn-seok, will host a keynote at CES 2020 discussing the company’s role in ‘shaping a new consumer experience for global citizens.’More to the point, the company is expected to showcase a digital vehicle cockpit system – presumably, the same one we’ve seen at IFA 2019 – as well as ‘robotic products that utilize our AI, IoT, and 5G technologies.’ It’s also expected to unveil an improved 8K upscaling solution for smart TVs.Although not every product demonstrated at CES 2020 will be commercialized in or around January, Samsung is already turning heads as it secured 46 CES 2020 Innovation Awards for outstanding design and engineering. Its booth will likely be the shining jewel of the event and we’re eager to see all of this new tech in action. We’ll be on the show floor bringing you all the information you need, so make sure you tune in after New Year’s Day.

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