Samsung CEO impressed by Tesla Cybertruck during test drive

Kye Hyun Kyung, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions Division, is on a tour of five cities in the United States to meet clients. During his tour, he got a chance to drive the Tesla Cybertruck and he seems pretty impressed with it.

In a post on Instagram, Kyung shared a video of him getting down from the passenger seat of the Tesla Cybertruck saying that Elon’s company allowed him to drive the Cybertruck, and according to him, the electric pickup truck was “more comfortable” than he thought, the acceleration was “amazing,” the ability to check surroundings with ten cameras was “excellent,” and the steering’s low turning radius, as well as larger wipers, were “impressive.” The Tesla Cybertruck is undoubtedly a quirky vehicle and brings many interesting features to the table, and Samsung CEO’s impressions are a testament to that.

Kyung then went on to discuss about HBM3, HBM3E, and HBM4 memory chips. According to him, many companies are looking for HBM3 and HBM3E 12H chips. As such, the tech giant has formed a team to improve the quality and productivity of those chips. He says that with the help of that team, the top HBM consumers are now approaching Samsung for HBM3 and HBM3E chips.

As for HBM4, the CEO says that it doubles the memory bandwidth. However, he explains that “traffic bottleneck occurring between the memory and computing would remain.” According to Kyung, many companies want to solve that problem and develop customized HBM4 chips, and Samsung will work them on that front. Lastly, Kyung talked about Samsung Foundry’s 2nm GAA process. According to him, it greatly improves efficiency and performance, and that’s why many companies are approaching Samsung for 2nm chips.

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