Samsung Care+ reportedly adding insurance coverage for theft, loss

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There are several insurance coverages for gadgets now but one thing that they rarely include is coverage for when your devices are lost or stolen. But if the strings spotted are to be believed, Samsung Care+ may soon add Theft and Loss insurance coverage, but at a price of course. Currently, the service already covers several usual damages, accidental of course, like drops and cracks. But if you’re the type to always lose devices (or even have it stolen), then this possible addition may be very useful.

The folks at XDA Developers were able to spot some strings on Shop Samsung Android app version 1.0.21465 that showed some changes will be afoot for Samsung Care+. It seems to suggest that those who are already subscribing to the OEM’s insurance service will soon be able to add another component: Theft and Loss Subscription. It looks like subscribers will be billed monthly for it for 36 months or until canceled.

Currently, Samsung Care+ covers accidental damage from cracks and drops. But what it doesn’t cover are the following: abuse, neglect, pre-existing conditions, rust, corrosion, theft or burglary, mysterious disappearance, damage from exposure to weather conditions, power fluctuations. Of course, it also doesn’t cover any loss that’s covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

But if the strings will eventually roll out to the Shop Samsung Android app, that will change, at least for the parts that refer to theft or burglary and loss. We also don’t know how much it will cost. The current Samsung Care+ costs around $3.99-$11.99 per month, depending on your device. It may probably be around that range as well although there’s also the possibility it will be cheaper (hopefully) as it’s an add-on.

Let’s wait for an official announcement from Samsung regarding this but it will probably be launched during this holiday season. You can consider giving this as a gift of security for a loved one (or yourself) who is prone to lose their devices.

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