Samsung Capture update adds new Screen Write & Recorder features

Samsung Capture got a new update to version over the weekend. The update’s changelog claims to add new features to various components of Samsung Capture including the Recording Toolbar and Screen Write features.The Recording Toolbar for Screen Recorder works much like it did before, however, the new version aims to streamline the user experience with the inclusion of new Play/Pause/Stop buttons in the toolbar. As you’ll be able to tell from our previous Screen Recorder tutorial, these functions had already existed prior to this update but the buttons have now been rearranged. There’s also a new Skip Countdown button that you can press when you start a screen recording, and the app now allows users to screen-record during a call, sans voice. To help users organize their recordings with more ease, the name of the longest-recorded app will be added to the file’s name.Screen Write was also updated with this new release. Although Screen Write is part of the S Pen suite of apps, it is technically a component of Samsung Capture. The latest update added the ability to adjust the size of your screenshots by dragging its corners just like you would when editing a photo in the Gallery. You can download the latest Samsung Capture update by launching the Galaxy Store and checking the Updates section.

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