Samsung Buy-back Program offers up to 50% of full retail price

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Samsung Galaxy Buy Back

To be honest, we are not sure how mobile OEMs and brands all over the world are doing right now. Except for the few announcements of new products and services left and right, we have no idea how sales are doing. We just know most parts of the world is on standstill due to the pandemic coronavirus. There is no way for us to determine, at least, for now, how the consumers are liking the new phones because most retail and online stores are closed. As for Samsung, it wants to assure the consumers that the company has their backs even if they no longer want their products.

Today, we’re learning about Samsung’s new marketing ploy to attract more consumers. A guaranteed buy-back program is being offered on the website today. You can purchase the new Galaxy phone–Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, or Galaxy S20 Ultra–and then receive back the 50% you spend if you decide to return the unit within two years.

This guaranteed buy-back program offers Samsung fans and new consumers peace of mind. The South Korean tech giant understands that not everyone may like the new Galaxy S20 series. Because of that, people are given a chance to return them.

The buy-back offer is only for those who want to return the phone. You may not get the full amount back but 50% is good enough. Samsung will still review the condition of the phone first. You can return it even before the 24th month (second year) is over. If the phone is still in good condition, you are eligible to receive half of the retail price.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Buy Back Program

Samsung has listed the amount you can receive back if you return any of the Galaxy S20 phones. You can get as much as $499.99 when you return the Galaxy S20 5G 128GB. The Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB and 512GB can bring you back $599.99 or $674.99. The higher-specced Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB and 512GB can offer a consumer as much as $699.99 or $799.99 back.

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