Samsung brings virtual RAM Plus feature to more Galaxy phones

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The idea of virtual RAM in Samsung devices that kicked off with the introduction of additional 4GB RAM in Galaxy A52s 5G, is now extending to more devices in the Samsung family. The concept of virtual RAM was initially believed to be a way to enhance memory in mid-range devices but it is now learned that even the flagship-level phones could be in for the feature.

The RAM expansion was introduced to the Galaxy A52s 5G through a software update. The feature through which the phone receives additional 4G RAM utilizes the unused onboard storage of the smartphone as virtual memory.

Through reports, we learn that Galaxy Z Fold 3, the company’s premier flagship foldable may get the virtual RAM feature through a software update. This is despite the foldable phone’s 12GB of built-in RAM already.

This news is an indication that the feature is likely to trickle down to all sorts of high and mid-range phones from the tech company. Called RAM Plus this feature from Samsung functions much like the Dynamic RAM Expansion feature on Realme devices. It is not customizable so users will not have much control over turning the functionality off, if required.

It is not clear which other phones from Samsung have received the virtual RAM feature. You can head to Settings on your Galaxy device and select Battery and device care and then Memory to check if RAM Plus is available for you.

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