Samsung brings mix and match options for Galaxy Buds+ in Korea

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The fact that truly wireless earbuds have three separate components means you don’t have to be satisfied with just one color for all of them. Now if only OEMs would let you mix and match them all. Well, if you live in South Korea and you’re planning to get yourself a pair of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds+, you will be able to do so. For a limited time only, participants in the event will be able to choose which colors they want to have as they buy a new pair.

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds+, they came in five different colors: black, blue, white, red, and pink. At least you have five colors to choose from, unlike other brands that just release two colors or so. But for those who prefer to not just have one color because the more colors the better, then this limited time event in Korea is probably a dream come true as you are able to have the exact pair of earbuds you want, at least color-wise.

Based on their official announcement in the Korean website, customers will be able to choose a color for each of the earbuds and even the charging case. So if you want black and white earbuds and a red case, you will be able to do so. Or you can also just have pink earbuds and a blue case. Any combination for the earbuds and case seem to be allowed, but for the ear wings and ear tips, you cannot mix and match them.

Aside from mixing and matching before buying, you also get free gifts that you can take with you to further customize your earbuds and case: ‘Buzz + Arari Transparent Case’, ‘Wiggle Smile Smile We Love Key Ring’ and ‘Wiggle Whirl DIY Sticker’. It doesn’t say if the price of the color customized Galaxy Buds+ will be different from the SRP, so it will probably be the same price at around $150.

There is no news if the mix and match events would eventually happen in other countries so for now, only those in South Korea can enjoy personalizing their new pair of Galaxy Buds+. The event is happening from May 1 to June 30 only.

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