Samsung brings huge SmartThings update, including features for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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With the announcement of new devices like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we’re expecting updates to existing apps to be released by Samsung. This is to bring new features to these devices and the other existing ones as well. If you’ve connected your smart devices to your Samsung account and phone, the good news is that SmartThings is receiving a major update now through the Google Play Store. The sort of bad news is that a lot of the new features will be better if you had the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The update to SmartThings brings new things like new automated vectors, improvements to accessibility features, more support for QR code, among other things. And while you will be able to experience some of the improvements in your current devices, the only smartphone that can really take advantage of a lot of these improvements is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It comes with support for refined ultra Wideband (UWB) transmission so it can do a lot of things that other, older devices can’t.

For one thing, you’ll be able to locate your Internet of Things (IoT) device faster and interact with them more intuitively because of the more seamless manner it can work with augmented reality. The encryption key sharing speeds of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is pretty great hence it working faster with your SmartThings platform. But even if you don’t have the new phablet, you’ll still be able to enjoy some new things as well.

The Automation Configuration has been redesigned so you’ll get better if-then triggers to play around with your smart devices. For example, just for the fun of it, if it starts raining, you can program your devices to start playing Tears In Heaven or any rain-related playlist. This is part of the two new conditions in SmartThings: one being the weather and the other is Linked Places. You can automate Bixby to message home that you might be late if you’re going into a certain place like the grocery or your doctor’s office.

The update to SmartThings brings other things like weather updates on the Location Summary screen, lets you scan multiple QR codes during a single setup, and other smaller new things. For some reason, the update is only available on the Google Play Store for now according to SAM Mobile and not yet on the Galaxy Store page.

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