Samsung braces for higher 5G demand in USA, buys TeleWorld Solutions

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As Samsung grows its 5G clientele in the USA, so does the demand for end-to-end support solutions. To support its customers in the emerging 5G era – ranging from commercial network operators to businesses that own private networks – Samsung has announced that it has completed an agreement to acquire TeleWorld Solutions (TWS).TWS is a network service provider located in Chantilly, Virginia, with expertise in testing, installing, and optimizing network services. It will continue to operate as a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America, and its existing clients will continue to receive support even after the acquisition was concluded.With higher 5G demand comes better customer supportSamsung already represents an important piece of the 5G puzzle in the United States. It’s one of the bigger 5G players in this market, and it supplies both Sprint and AT&T with 5G network equipment. But an even stronger foothold in the USA is required as mobile carriers increase their demands for developing and deploying 4G and 5G networks. Samsung believes that the acquisition of TWS will provide just that, and it will make it easier for both Samsung and TeleWorld Solutions to tackle the ongoing 5G network upgrade cycle happening in the United States.Analysts predict that 2020 will be a decisive year for Samsung’s 5G network business, but the year has barely started and the company is already boasting about new acquisitions to improve its relationships with customers. Samsung is striking the iron while it’s hot, in a manner of speaking. The company is in a favorable position, partly because of Huawei’s misfortune, and it seems to want and capitalize on its advantages as early in the year as possible.

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