Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK announced, opens new doors for devs

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Samsung revealed its latest plans for mobile blockchain technology at SDC 2019, detailing how its new Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is going to help developers in overcoming the security and complexity issues surrounding the development of DApp (Decentralized App).Bringing blockchain technology to mobile has been a challenge because the majority of blockchain apps are web or PC-based for security reasons. It’s virtually impossible for a hacker to access a blockchain without having the blockchain’s public and private keys, but the mobile platform doesn’t offer a lot in terms of secure key storage. Samsung launched its Blockchain Keystore earlier this year to tackle these problems and make mobile devices a secure platform for cryptocurrency. Here’s what’s next on Samsung’s agenda.Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK announcedThe Korean tech giant announced that it’s going to complement its Blockchain Keystore with a new Blockchain Platform SDK (Software Development Kit). The company claims this is a comprehensive solution designed to tackle two of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of expanding the DApp ecosystem, namely security and complexity.Samsung claims that its new Blockchain Platform SDK will allow developers to create web-based DApps and seamlessly integrate them into the mobile platform. The SDK includes a dedicated mobile DApp browser that allows web-based blockchain apps to run on mobile. The SDK also allows developers to integrate blockchain features such as crypto payment methods in legacy apps. Additionally, the new SDK is integrated with Ledger, offering more private key storing options and improved security.Samsung didn’t reveal any details as to when the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK will be available for third-party developers, but more details should be announced at SDC 2019 in San Jose. Check out our previous story on how you can watch Samsung’s SDC 2019 conference live.

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