Samsung Blockchain Keystore gets security and UI enhancements

Samsung Blockchain Keystore is getting a few enhancements through a new update. Samsung is pushing its Keystore app to version The official changelog for Samsung Blockchain Keystore version has two entries as follows:

  • UI improvements
  • Security enhancements

The company doesn’t go into detail. Security enhancements could mean under-the-hood changes or more specific ones, and UI improvements may also range from minor tweaks to more prominent redesigns. We haven’t spotted any differences in the latest Blockchain Keystore version, and it’s not easy to take screenshots of Samsung Knox-enabled apps that prevent screen captures for security reasons.

In case you’ve never used Samsung Blockchain Keystore, it’s a secure and convenient enclave where Galaxy smartphone and tablet users can store private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20/ERC721 tokens, Klaytn, Tron, and Stellar Lumens.

The Blockchain Keystore can be accessed from the Samsung Blockchain Wallet and needs to be linked with the wallet before users can access it.

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