Samsung, Best Buy offer ‘Get It Today’ option for new purchases

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Samsung Best Buy Pickup

Samsung has a new special promo with Best Buy. It’s more of a convenience offer to those who want to avail of a new Galaxy phone. Ordering online is convenient already but oftentimes, deliveries get delayed. Some experience their purchases being cancelled. That is unfortunate but Samsung and Best Buy want to make things easier with a new option: “Get It Today”. You can buy online on Samsung’s website and then pick up your order from a Best Buy store.

Obviously, this is only for those who live in the United States. You can choose what Best Buy store you want to pick up your phone. You can get your hands on the phone within a few hours–no need to wait for delivery.

The offer isn’t exclusive to Samsung smartphones. You can also purchase and pick-up tablets, laptops, audio devices, and smartwatches on the same day but for select models only.

At the checkout, you can choose the “Get It Today” option. Select the nearest Best Buy branch where you can pick up the items. This is ideal for those who want to get their gadgets fast.

It is a different kind of shopping experience but definitely a very convenient one. It’s all about speed and safety too as you don’t have to spend extended time inside a store when people are encouraged to do social distancing.

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