Samsung begins firmware development on Galaxy S11’s LTE models

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Samsung has started developing software for the LTE variants of the Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11, which sport model numbers SM-G980F and SM-G985F. The company started work on the software for all three Galaxy S11 models a month ago, but it kicked things off with the 5G variants, leading some to speculate that Samsung could be thinking of skipping LTE variants altogether. That is not the case, at least for the Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11.No sign of an LTE variant of the Galaxy S11+ yetSamsung doesn’t seem to be working on software for the Galaxy S11+ yet, and that’s in line with a recent rumor that said the largest Galaxy S11 model will come with 5G support everywhere. But Samsung doesn’t always begin software development for every model of a flagship at the same time, so it’s possible an LTE-only Galaxy S11+ exists and will pop up on our radar in the future. If it doesn’t, well, we’re not sure anyone is going to complain, as having only a 5G Galaxy S11+ would make sense considering the price tags that are attached to the Korean giant’s flagship smartphones.The Galaxy S11 will most likely be announced in the third week of February, and recently disclosed information and leaks hint at a slew of impressive upgrades. A 120 Hz display, high zooming capabilities and a 100MP+ primary camera, big batteries, big displays in a compact form factor, and more is expected, although with the official launch still a few months away, some of the rumors — which you can keep up with in our Galaxy S11 rumor roundup — could end up being more smoke than fire.

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