Samsung Bass Booster could address a major concern for audiophiles

It appears that Samsung might be working on something that audiophiles would be happy about. A new trademark registration has been spotted which suggests that the company is working on a way to amplify the bass on its devices.Granted, trademark registrations don’t reveal the specifics about an upcoming feature, but the name here is quite representative of what the final product might end up being. Samsung has filed for this trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.Samsung Bass Booster trademark has been filedThe company has filed for a trademark on the term “Samsung Bass Booster.” It might have something to do with boosting the bass on its devices. That’s something that many audiophiles will appreciate.The details in the filing mention that the trademark will be used with products like audio speakers, audio amplifiers, earbuds, headphones and a whole host of other audio equipment. Companies normally cover all bases in such filings.It’s no secret that the speakers on Samsung’s devices, earbuds and headphones are tuned for higher treble than bass. So perhaps this might be something that allows for a higher bass output on those devices. It could also be a setting for Dolby Atmos, but that’s just speculation at this point in time.It will certainly be interesting to see what Samsung ends up using this trademark for. What’s for certain is that it will definitely have something to do with pumping up the bass.

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